Mark & Liz are beer enthusiasts and realized that they spend a significant amount of time exploring locations where craft beer “happens.” Mark has, also written a number of books researching locations where the unexplained “happens” (ghostly and eerie tales). So the concept of collecting stories together for a book about haunted bars and breweries was a natural fit.

Only, since there are so many interesting people, places and things that happen in those same locales (spirited places) Liz and Mark thought it would be a fun experience to collect and share some of those stories via this blog, ensuring that others who share a similar passion for the people and places that make up beer culture can enjoy them.

So, while only the places with alleged ghostly or spirit activity will make it into the book, this blog will capture even more of the spirited places: from the eerie and intriguing to the fun, the amusing, the personal and enjoyable fond memories about beer, beer-related locales and, of course, the spirited people and the spirit that exists in beer culture.

THE BOOK:  Spirits Untapped: Haunted Bars & Breweries 

Spirits Untapped investigates haunted bars and breweries — from the spirits that dwell in spectral form to the real people who make these locations a place that the living also want to haunt.

If you’re a fan of ghostly, eerie tales or even just a fan of great places to enjoy a unique local or craft beer, then Spirits Untapped is for you.

Forthcoming Book (2019) By Mark Leslie and Liz May