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A New Ripple In Beer Foam Art

Okay, I'll admit it. When I'm drinking a beer and there's no hearty conversation going on either with the people I'm drinking with or with the bartender or the regulars hanging out at the bar, after each sip I will... Continue Reading →

A Nightmare on Mill Street

I know it's a bit early in the season to post about pumpkin beer, but because August just popped its head in and said "Surprise, I'm here!" my mind is already racing forward to┬áthinking about the wonderful seasonal beers that... Continue Reading →

Modern Times Beer

YES, those are comic books covering the back wall of Modern Times Brewing in San Diego. Just one of many fun and novelty-inspired additions that make for a fun atmosphere. Might as well enjoy the sights as much as you're... Continue Reading →

Lazy Bones

  We found this awesome beer from Rain Hard Brewing at the Because Beer festival in Hamilton, Ontario. Mark has a soft spot for beer labels with skeletons on them. Maybe that's because they remind him of Barnaby Bones.

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