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A Midwinter Night’s Drink: Eat, Drink and be Faerie

In much of Canada, there's a long dark period between Christmas and the spring thaw when it can be a "dark and depressing" monotony of short days, cold, snow and erratic weather. That's why we thought it might be fun... Continue Reading →

Priceless Collections at Collective Arts

Before my more bold adventures into the enjoyment of craft beer, one fun thing I liked to do when traveling was wanting to try the local beer. Beer that you just couldn't get "back home" or beer that was unique to... Continue Reading →

Liz’s 3 Most Memorable Beers – #1

When I first started calling myself a 'craft beer enthusiast' I started to notice that my interest in a beer waned the more it was readily available. A trip to the local Beer Store or LCBO was usually not the... Continue Reading →

A Nightmare on Mill Street

I know it's a bit early in the season to post about pumpkin beer, but because August just popped its head in and said "Surprise, I'm here!" my mind is already racing forward to thinking about the wonderful seasonal beers that... Continue Reading →

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