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Keeping a ‘Beer’-emory Alive

Memories are fascinating to me. How we can store and then recall specific elements of time and then discount and purge so many other moments. What prompts one moment to stand out? Especially, amidst so many other, seemingly similar, moments.... Continue Reading →

Mark’s 3 Most Memorable Beers – #1

This post is in response to the great question that Liz proposed in this post: Your 3 Most Memorable Beers. We were on one of our back-roads tours of some SouthWestern Ontario breweries when she asked the question, and my... Continue Reading →

Liz’s 3 Most Memorable Beers – #2

Spicy chili, ginger and lime in a wit beer. The description of this beer from Ballast Point Brewery¬†highlighted a key word that initially turned me off......wit. ¬†Early on, as I tried different styles of beers, I recognized that I had... Continue Reading →

Liz’s 3 Most Memorable Beers – #1

When I first started calling myself a 'craft beer enthusiast' I started to notice that my interest in a beer waned the more it was readily available. A trip to the local Beer Store or LCBO was usually not the... Continue Reading →

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