When I first started investigating the incredible offerings of the craft beer world I was introduced to the app, Untappd. Akin to FaceBook for beer lovers, the app allows users to chronicle their beer drinking, see what ‘friends’ are enjoying, determine the offerings of a brewery and locate potential sites to enjoy their next unique pint.

Mark religiously adds each unique beer to this app and notes where he enjoyed it, rates the taste and adds a few unique comments. I, on the other hand, remember beers based on unique memories associated with the experience.

Granted, my method has incredible disadvantages, especially when we have the all too frequent conversation, “What was that beer that I had at (insert location) last month? You know, the one that had the interesting tap handle”. Thankfully, Mark continues to log the unique beers we have had and I continue to populate my internal log of ‘Most Memorable Beers’.

So what about you?  Quickly…..without too much thinking….name the three most memorable beers of your life.

Do your memorable beers highlight a moment in time?  A delectable mixture of flavours that you can’t seem to forget? A less than favourable experience that has left a lasting impression?

Check out future posts to read more about Liz and Mark’s 3 Most Memorable Beers.


We would love to hear about your most memorable beers, as well, and invite you to share them with us by leaving a comment below.