Founded in 1985, Wellington Brewery is one of Canada’s oldest independent craft microbrewery and  was one of the first North American breweries to revive the ancient technique of brewing cask-conditioned beer (also known as English style “Real Ales”).

We first discovered the amazing Welly Cask Fest back in 2015 when Wellington Brewery was celebrating their 30th anniversary. And we were delighted to be able to return again this year to enjoy the beers from Wellington, but also the special collaboration and guest casks that were available.

There is a special thrill in being able to enjoy some very special one-off casks made especially for such an event.

Admittedly, I tend to enjoy carbonation in most of my beers. And that’s the one thing that I find myself reflecting on when I’m tasting a beer and enjoying it but wondering what that little something just might be. Often, it’s the carbonation that makes the subtle difference for me.

A few of the highlights, for me, were The Big DIPA, a delicious and hoppy 9.2% Double IPA; 3 Weeks Notice, a delightful Witbier with just the right addition of pomegranate flavour; and the Sharknado IPA, which was a marvelously complex and wonderful combination of vanilla and hops.

I suppose it goes without saying that the beer was the main reason we were there. But the “supporting cast” (or should I say, the “supporting cask”?) of the food trucks and the live entertainment were also top notch.

We enjoyed the music of Chesterfield & The Sofa Kings, laughed ourselves silly with the wonderful improv of The Making Box Brigade and had a chance to enjoy some vintage pinball machines and video games courtesy of Pablo’s Bar.

Below is a professional video that gives a real sense of what it’s like at the Wellington Brewery Welly Cask Fest . . . .

. . . however, if you want to see me stumble through my personal explanation of what the cask fest is (after having enjoyed many fine brews all afternoon), you can watch the Facebook Live video recorded yesterday on the Spirits Untapped Facebook page.

Click this image to see the Facebook Live video