A new initiative to annually celebrate one of Canada’s most beloved products, beer, has been announced by Beer Canada, a brewery trade organization.

Occurring on the first Wednesday before Thanksgiving each year (Canadian Thanksgiving, in October, of course), Canadian Beer Day will feature coast-to-coast celebrations providing various folks from the beer industry, including farmers, brewers, brewery and restaurant owners, and beer lovers “an opportunity to come together and recognize the historical, cultural and economic impact beer has had on our great country.”

“Canadian beer is woven into our national fabric,” said Beer Canada Chair George Croft in a post on the Beer Canada blog. “The beer economy supports 149,000 Canadian jobs and provides 13.6 billion dollars annually to our national GDP. We think that’s something worth celebrating.”

We’ll raise a glass to that!

This year’s event is slated for October 9, 2019.

Looking forward to seeing what events might be happening in our area. In the meantime, I’m already starting to mentally compile some of the ways we can celebrate this at home. One thought that comes to mind is hosting a party with a beer from each province.

In the meantime, I keep going back to that incredible Canadian Beer Day logo and tip a glass in solute to the designer or designers of it! Nicely done!