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Mixing Drinks with Other Passions

It's interesting how a person's passions can blend or mix and create an intriguing concoction. Take this website (and the forthcoming book that inspired it), for example. Spirits Untapped was derived from my passion for sharing tales of ghostly locales... Continue Reading →

Mark’s 3 Most Memorable Beers – #3

This post is in response to Liz's cool question about Your 3 Most Memorable Beers. This is my third post in that series. (Here's the first & Here's the second) I normally write horror. Perhaps that's why my other two "most memorable" beer stories... Continue Reading →

A Nightmare on Mill Street

I know it's a bit early in the season to post about pumpkin beer, but because August just popped its head in and said "Surprise, I'm here!" my mind is already racing forward to thinking about the wonderful seasonal beers that... Continue Reading →

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