We absolutely loved hanging out at Half Door Brewing, and not just because of the wonderful atmosphere — this brewery and restaurant/bar on the corner of Island and 9th in downtown San Diego looks more like the two story house that it was originally converted from that a commercial enterprise. And that’s part of its charm and appeal.

IMG_9272 IMG_9274

Apart from the two main bar areas (main floor and upstairs), the ample space on the decks and the cozy and very homey feeling inside makes this the kind of bar that the living will be certain to want to haunt repeatedly. We know we loved it and would gladly return the next time we’re in town.

But we had to also share this hilarious description on their beer menu — of our faves so far to date:


#BUZZWORDS SUPER DANK PALE ALE 8.7% – This is a full on assault of extreme dank resinous hop nectar from the gods. This beer starts with a vibrant full frontal overload of extreme hop aroma layered with an onslaught of even more extreme adjectives. This all out riot of a Dank Pale Ale has a mediocre hopping rate that may or may not include #simcoe #citra #galaxy #amarillo #chinook #mosaic. This shit is so lit it will leave you in the burn ward. If this beer has access to a aux cord, this house would burn down. #Buzzwords would tell Kanye “Naa, imma let you finish.” #butfirst @kantellthisbeernothing @wewokeaf #sdwatersucks  $7