The other day we took a road trip South East from Hamilton to hit a few different breweries, with the end destination of Port Stanley in mind, so we could enjoy a nice walk along the beautiful beach there.

A fun sign that greets people as they first step into Last Castle Brewing

Of course, another “final point” in the journey came from the pre-travel research we had done, delighting in the Last Castle Brewing Co. website which included some intriguing old world artwork that accompanied their beer list.


Of note, the address 286 Bridge Street, Port Stanley, Ontario, has clear signage for The New New Age, a bistro that features local, organic and seasonally foraged products drawn from the local environment. Last Castle Brewing is sequestered as part of this delightful little shop.

The website describes the brewery in the following way . . .

At Last Castle Brewing, our goal is to offer you rustic farmhouse and wild ales inspired by tradition and the bountiful countryside in Ontario’s Southwest. The Carolinian environs we call home are the last bastion of its type in Canada—forests filled with unique ingredients from spicebush to paw paw to spruce tips. Come session our beers at our scenic Port Stanley brewpub.

It’s an apt description of a wonderful little shop that combines rustic with modern elements. And the beers themselves were amazing farmhouse styles with unique flavours that had us simply wanting MORE.

There were only two different brews on tap the day we arrived, so we immediately ordered one of each.

The first was Kombucha Farmhouse Ale – a 3.0% ABV blend of Last Castle’s Carolina Red and Booch’s Strawberry Rose Camomile Kombucha. It was absolutely wonderful and the perfect drink for a hot summer day.

Kombucha Farmhouse Ale
The Kombucha Farmhouse Ale. (It really was hard to slow down drinking this beer in order to get a picture of it. Here you see the beer in the foreground and the serving counter at the back

The other one we had was the Field Magic Farmhouse Ale. This 6.0% ABV ale is described as having tropical fruit and floral aromas followed by a spicy and lightly tart character, minimal bitterness, and a refreshingly dry finish. It was delicious and refreshing with intriguing and interesting spicy notes to it and one that we look forward to trying again.


The brewery is still in the process of going through all the red tape necessary to sell beer to go, because otherwise we would have ended up purchasing either a couple of growlers or a number of bottles of each of those wonderful brews.

If you’re heading out the Port Stanley way, be sure to stop in and try the amasing artisan beers and even some of the fun accompanying food they have available, as you’ll be as refreshed by The New New Age / Last Castle Brewing Co as you are by the nearby beach.