Earlier this week, Liz took me to a “new” pizza place she had recently discovered. (I say “new” because it has been there for a while now, but it is still new to us). I’ve already returned there a second time earlier today and it took almost everything in me not to eat lunch there every day this week.

It’s called Urban Bricks Pizza Co. and it’s at University Plaza at 160 University Avenue in Waterloo (pretty much adjacent to the University of Waterloo campus.

Liz originally described their “one price, unlimited toppings” pizza assembly process by saying “it’s like Subway for pizza” – and that is pretty much what it is. You choose your crust, your sauce, your cheeses and then you get to add as many of the meat, veggie, and spice toppings as you want before they slide the pizza into an oven. After it comes out there’s an additional option to add a “dressings and drizzles” topping.

Tweet from Mark Whaley (@WhaleyWaterloo), Waterloo City Councillor showing the front of Urban Bricks Pizza Co.

Of course, on top of the absolutely delicious custom and quick made pizzas, the Urban Bricks Pizza in Waterloo is licensed to serve beer and has half a dozen taps, including a selection from local brewery Abe Erb.

And, in the same quick & efficient style that they create delicious and unforgettable pizza, they have a Bottoms Up Draft Beer System.

If you’ve never seen one in action, prepare to be amazed.

I often shed a small tear for every single drop of beer that is wasted, and, over the years, I have certainly seen more than a fair share of that happening. But the ingenious draft beer system that Bottoms Up is likely one that saves bar owners countless dollars in spillage, not to mention the hands-free operation that allows for staff multi-tasking.

Is there a Nobel Prize for beer? And if so, shouldn’t the people behind Bottoms Up be nominated for it?

It also, of course, inspires one to think about the special magic of a self-filling beer glass, perhaps not unlike that hilarious scene in Thor: Ragnarok where Thor, sitting down with Dr. Strange, quickly downs a large mug of beer in a single gulp, only to have it magically re-fill itself.

It’s the type of thing that might bring tears to the eye of an avid beer lover.

So, for this perfect marriage of awesomeness with pizza and awesomeness in beer, if you happen to get yourself near Waterloo this is a MUST-VISIT location.

Chances are, I might just be there, ordering yet another custom-built delicious pizza or giggling madly while watching the Bottoms Up Draft Beer System in action.