It’s no secret that I’ve long been a huge fan of the app Untappd.

Because I enjoy tracking and rating the many different beers I love to try both locally and when I travel, the app has given me so much entertainment and great information. I don’t just use it for tracking, but I’ve used it to find great local breweries and learn what local bars and restaurants are serving. I’ve even made friends via the app.

So, mid last week, when I realized I was coming upon my 5000th unique beers check-in, I thought I might do something more than just grab the next un-tasted beer.

I went to my beer fridge and (using the app, of course), checked to see if I’d ever had any of them. The first five beers I pulled out that I hadn’t had were laid out on the bar, and then I posted an image to Facebook and Instagram, asking people to vote for which of those five would be my 5000th beer check-in.

On Saturday, May 30th I shared some info about each of the beers and the breweries, and then revealed the winner and did a live beer tasting of it on my YouTube and Facebook channels.

Technically, I’m the winner, because I have these five great beers in my house to enjoy! (Okay, two of them are now missing – I have NO idea what happened to them!!! [wink, wink, nudge, nudge].

Crowd-sourcing the choice of that 5000th check-in was a fun experiment.

And, since lately it’s been difficult to get together with friends for a beer, at least we have the technology available to do it in a virtual way.