Their website says that NIQUE is not just a restaurant.

We’d agree with that. It’s far more.

They also talk about their delicious food in a comfortable environment with a strong sense of community.

Image from an I Heart Hamilton website review of NIQUE

We’re also 100% behind that.

There’s a delightful sense of open and welcome to the space, powerfully enhanced by the intriguing murals that reflect Hamilton’s culture, sports and people.

But one thing their website and marketing doesn’t give them proper credit for is their knowledge and passion for great beer.

Liz and I popped in to check NIQUE out the other night and were delighted not only with the incredible selection of delicious craft beers from many different Hamilton and Southern Ontario area breweries (Collective Arts, The Hamilton Brewery, Nickle Brook, Bellwoods, Half Hours on Earth, just to name a few of our favourites), but we were also extremely impressed with our server. He not only could speak comprehensively about the beers on their menu but was also, quite obviously, a craft beer fan himself.

Liz went for a couple of beers by Half Hours on Earth, one of her new favourite breweries for incredible sour beer (we’re really looking forward to getting out there for a visit this summer) as well as Nickel Brook‘s Ceres Cucumber Lime Gose (one of her overall faves lately) while I enjoyed a Ghost Orchid and a Monogamy Double Dry Hop from Bellwoods. (And, admittedly, I kept dipping into the delicious sour Control Bored from Half Hours on Earth every time Liz was distracted looking at the interesting artwork murals)

We look forward to returning and enjoying the atmosphere, the great food and the wonderful selection of craft beer at NIQUE.

Photo by John Rennison from a Hamilton Spectator review of NIQUE

And, while our forte tends to be beer rather than food, I have to make a point that you HAVE to try their Sushi Nachos. They were absolutely delicious and weren’t long for the world once they arrived at our table. Again, we’re not food critiques, so about the best we can say is that they tasted a little bit like “More Please!” with a bit of a side of “Got to have these again!”