Las Vegas has come onto my radar a lot in the past six months. Not that long ago, a 20 Books to 50K writer’s conference took place there, a great speaker I met in the fall of 2017 and am learning from (Darren LaCroix), indicated he lives there because it’s the conference center of the US, and a writer friend of mine recently moved there and is already loving it.

Vegas hotels are reasonable affordable and it’s also one of those spots easily connectable from flights all over North America. While I have never been drawn much to casinos, there seems to be so many other great things about Vegas that do appeal.

So when this video popped up on my Facebook feed recently, I almost feel out of my chair in excitement.

This fun video from INSIDER entitled “Biggest Pizza in Las Vegas is 30 Inches” nicely shows off the largest slices of pizza on the Vegas strip from Caesars Pin-Up Pizza.

Okay, so we have the pizza. Now to find the beer.

Here’s a THRILLIST article from 2016 talking about Las Vegas beer:

Here is a BeerAdvocate guide to breweries, brewpubs, bars and stores in the area:

And here’s a YELP search for the 10 best breweries near the Vegas strip:

That’s a good place to start. Sin City Brewing Company pops up regularly on these lists. And since Sin City beers are brewed and distributed exclusively in Las Vegas, (ie, won’t be able to get them anywhere else), I’ve just found yet ANOTHER reason to visit the city.

I mean, what could possibly go better together than pizza and beer other than GIANT PIZZA and GIANT BEER, that is?

And I already have a few mugs to help with that….(I wonder if any of the nearby beer places have mugs that size? Would they let me bring my own?)

(Pardon me, while I pause to while the drool off of my keyboard and laptop screen . . . . and then go see how much a flight to Vegas might cost  . . .)