I have had a subscription to Canada Craft Club for a long time, and each month the box arrives, I delight in the opening of it.

So when the box arrived yesterday, I thought it might be fun to record the beer unboxing. I’ve seen plenty of other social media box opening and unboxing that I thought it might be fun.

And it WAS fun.

Here are the beers that were unboxed (and, as of the typing of this, not yet enjoyed – yes, we know how to savor and save up these treats for a special occasion)

KRIEK, BARREL AGED EDITION (Lambic Style Kriek)Big Rock Brewery, Calgary, AB

Even though, Liz and I visited several beer spots and breweries in Calgary, we haven’t yet been to the original brewery location. We HAVE been to the relatively newly opened Toronto location in Liberty Village, though. It is just down the street from where I used to work. How delightfully convenient!

It was fun to see that the good folks at Canada Craft Club shared a video of visiting Big Rock Brewery and being involved in the waxing procedure. (I love those behind-the-scenes videos)

I imagine we’ll add a visit to the Calgary brewery when we return there in August.

WHITNEY’S VINTAGE RESERVE (Honey Ale)The Collingwood Brewery, Collingwood, ON

Here’s another place that Liz and I have been to back in the summer of 2016. I have had and enjoyed their regular version of the Whitney’s Vintage Ale honey beer, but haven’t had a chance to try the Freestyle Series special reserve version. That’ll be a fun opening.

The CCC card that came with this suggests pairing it up with spicier Asian cuisine. They say “get yourself some serious pad thai or make up a stir fry at home and don’t be afraid to melt the roof of your mouth.” Okay, that sounds like a plan to me.

A small selection of some of the many cards received with monthly Canada Craft Club subscription
EXTRA SPECIAL BITTER (English Bitter) – Spinnakers Brewpub, Victoria, BC

This is a spot that Liz and I haven’t yet gotten to. But don’t worry, give us time, we’ll get there.

CCC says that Spinnakers, which opened in 1984, is one of Canada’s first brew pubs and that their ESB doesn’t usually venture off of the island. When I went to check out their website (because their name came up as “Spinnakers brewpub and guesthouses“) I saw that they not only have a brewpub, but also (from their website) “Heritage waterfront suites in a residential setting, our guesthouses let you live Victoria.”

There is a heritage house, a bungalow and garden suites available. How cool is that for planning a beer visit?

Hmm, looks like yet another reason to book a trip and add them to our MLA Spirited Locations Visited Together map.

HOPSKI (Pre-Prohibition Style Lager) – Acoustic Ales, San Diego, CA

This was fun, because it was a brewery that Liz and I had been to a couple of years ago when we spent about a week in San Diego. It was a hearty walk from our hotel in downtown San Diego’s Seaport Village area to this brewery, located a little bit north of the airport; but it was an interesting and fascinating one — we love exploring new neighborhoods — and it was well worth the walk.

We loved the vibe of combining beer with musical themes, which reminded us a bit of the closer-to-home Collective Arts in Hamilton, Ontario. And, as mentioned, we have a couple of their fun musically inspired coasters on the coffee table in the music themed sitting room that we have just off our bar.

A sample of one side of one of the cards from Canada Craft Club – this one for a CCC Exclusive

Well in any case, this beer unboxing was a lot of fun. It’s far more fun not just to discover great new beers to try, but also fun to share in that discovery.

Although, next time, I’ll try not to be so enthusiastic.

Aw, who am I kidding? Opening one of these packages is ALWAYS a little bit like being a kid on Christmas morning.