During the self-isolation, quarantine, and lock-down situation facing the world, one of the things Liz and I have tried to do was order from as many local breweries as we could.

It’s not like we weren’t already doing that prior to Covid-19, but just that we are becoming even more conscious of the importance of supporting local businesses in our communities.

I’ve also tried to double-down on the beer tasting videos I’m doing; in order to share the love of some great beers and great local breweries.

One place that folks in Ontario can check out great local

breweries that either deliver or have order online and curb-side pickup options appear here at the Ontario Beer Delivery Index.

Here are a couple of the recent tastings I’ve done.


Down Pour (Double IPA) from Grain & Grit (Hamilton, ON)


Nothing is Exciting Anymore (Pale Ale with lactose) a collaboration from Block 3 Brewing (St Jacobs, ON) & Beer Diversity

I used to do the beer tastings live to the Spirits Untapped Facebook page and then, if I had the time, would edit them and upload them to YouTube. Which is why there aren’t that many available to watch on YouTube.

But lately, thanks to the technology behind StreamYard, I’ve been able to broadcast simultaneously to the YouTube channel as well as the Spirits Untapped Facebook page as well as my personal Facebook page and my author page.

More coming soon.

In the meantime, here are some earlier ones that were on Facebook only from the Spirits Untapped Facebook Videos listing:

Johnny Galecki (White IPA) from Descendants Beer & Beverage Co. (Kitchener, ON)


Duet 8 (Pale Ale) from Counterpoint Brewing Company (Kitchener, ON)